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Xbox Adaptive Controller

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The Xbox Adaptive Controller has been a literal game changer for gamers with limited mobility. This page provides a selection of links to stores that sell switches you can use with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

A close-up of the Xbox Adaptive Controller with 2 mono audio cables and an Xbox controller
The Xbox Adaptive Controller works with switches, and together with other controllers through co-pilot.


By providing an easy to use and readily available hub for accessibility switches and controls, supported like any typical Xbox controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller makes adaptive gaming controls more affordable and easy to set up. See the Xbox Adaptive Controller Product page for more information on the product itself.

DIY or plug and play

One of the biggest challenges can be sourcing the accessibility switches and other peripherals. Tech-savvy people can make their own switches with components from shops like Amazon or most (local) electronics vendors. For more information see this tutorial from Adafruit, follow Microsoft's own Bryce Johnson on Twitter, view this excellent playlist on YouTube, and check out these DIY tutorials from Barrie Ellis (OneSwitch). All of these are great resources from people who are passionate and knowledgeable about providing physical accessibility to gaming.

For plug-and-play options, please view the following lists.

Buying switches

Below you'll find links to shops that sell plug-and-play switches (and often other peripherals) to use with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The lists are ordered alphabetically with no preference given, prices may differ between vendors so comparing multiple options is recommended.

Most of the shops listed here also provide other assistive technology that may prove useful, where possible the link refers directly to the switches on offer at that vendor.


If you have suggestions to expand this collection, you can let me know on Twitter.